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Greater Ruby Valley Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture meets the first Tuesday of every month at 12 noon. Call for location 684-5849.

Twin Bridges School Board meetings are held each month on the third Tuesday. Call 684-5656 for location and time.

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Alder, Montana > Alder, MT

Just a mile down the road from Laurin, and 9 miles before arriving in Nevada City, is Alder Montana, gateway to the Upper Ruby Valley and the Ruby Reservoir. 

If you like back roads, once you hit the dirt road past the reservoir you can take a long drive to either Dillon, Lima, Monida, or by Red Rock Wildlife Reserve on the way to West Yellowstone. Mind you, this really is "backroads" for many miles and nothing else. Get out a map and know where you are. It would be a good idea to pack a cooler as there aren't any stores or restaurants on the way, and make sure you have good tires on your vehicle. Several tires have literally bit the dust up here. I know of one car that had a flat on the way up to Eureka Basin (get out the Forest Service map to find that), then another on the way down. No worse than a lot of dirt roads; just plenty of them. Summer suggestion only; all the higher roads are impassable during the winter. 


Gold and silver; miners, farmers, ranchers, and outlaws. Alder Gulch is where the first gold rush around here began.


Alder School 406-842-5285

Alder has a K-7 school with dedicated teachers. Involved student body, parents and school board make for a great learning experience. With high school students attend school in Sheridan, and therefore having a bus route to there, Alder area elementary students also have the choice of attending Sheridan. 

Some of the students in Alder come from other communities nearby, choosing to often spend at least a few years in this unique environment of small size multi-grade classrooms. Alder offers a hot lunch program and participation in Western Montana College's block program for small schools provides a diversity of learning experiences for the students, including swimming, workshops, spelling competition, and a very good science fair.

Favorite Places

The baseball field has to count as a favorite place here. Located out by the school. No parking lot - if there are vehicles parked up and down the dirt road, you're probably late to the game. The Alder Market also makes the list - fishing and hunting licenses available - plus a photo album of successful hunters. 

The hands-down local favorite place to eat is the In-Back restaurant. Huge burgers and homemade fries. The French Dip is great, but even better is the Western Philly - roast beef piled up on a steak roll with sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese and bbq sauce!

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